April 24, 2024
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Commercials and car websites give you the impression of how easy it is to take care of your car, and that once it’s bought, it will keep running smoothly for a long time, if only this were true. The truth is, it is possible to make your car last a long time, but it’s not as easy as it may seem, you need to take good care of it and do a maintenance check on it on a regular basis to ensure a long-lasting life. 

Check up on the engine oil

You should do a weekly check on this to ensure that everything is in good condition. Why is this important? Well, the oil is basically the blood of the car, without it, the engine can stop. They work by lubricating the motor of the car, thus decreasing friction and heat between the parts. Without a lubricator the motor would get worn out, you should also change the oil regularly as the heat and friction would wear out the oil eventually.

Regular washing

You should wash your car regularly, this would help to retain the paint for a longer period of time. A dirty car can reflect badly on you, and nobody would want to buy it if you decide to sell it later on. Furthermore, repainting once your coat of paint wears off is going to be very expensive, so grab your hose and start cleaning up.

Get it evaluated by a pro

Any damages to the car should be taken care of promptly. Sometimes you might not even realize that your car has an issue, for example, your car may need a headlight restoration and you don’t even know it. The headlight can get damaged by UV light, the first sign is a yellow tinge to your headlight, it starts small and would eventually look more obvious. This issue can be dealt with by consulting a headlight restorer, not handling this issue, in the beginning, can cause irreparable damage to it and by then, you would have no choice but to replace the whole thing. Again, this is going to cost you a lot more. Any damage that isn’t dealt with in the beginning can be expensive.

Replace worn out tires and rims

This can go a long way, worn out tires won’t have a good grip on the road, so the driver has to work hard to accelerate and maintain a good balance. This can increase the risk of accidents and skid thus causing severe damage to the car and injuring the people on board.