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Tips And Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

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The car is one of the greatest inventions of the century. It has been a popular means of transportation and helped connect people in fascinating ways. Owning a car has many advantages the main pro being independence. People do not have to rely on anyone for their travel needs and it is a very convenient. It enables a person to cover large distances fast and meet their needs with ease. All these benefits come with an enormous financial investment especially for young adults to whom buying a car has been the most costly expense they have incurred. So it makes sense that every car owner wants to take care of it, keep it reliable, look good and run well for a long period of time. Follow these tips to keep your car sharp and neat.

Oil and Filter Maintenance

Oil is main part of the car’s progress. Every driver must know to change the car’s oil and oil filter regularly because old oil Will shorten its life. Other fluids and filters like the air filer also must be taken care of. Clogged air filters results in engine dysfunction.Fix IssuesEvery now and then take some time to really look at your car. Check the tires and the hoses. Make sure all the lights are working. When you notice a slight issue do not ignore it hope it fixes itself. A neglected issue can worsen over time like a broken radiation fan could cause the car to overheat and blow the head gasket. 

Keep it Serviced

This is often overlooked by car owners and can be the cause for the problems in your engine. Find a professional service station that offers great service because regular good car service is imperative. A well maintained car will perform better, be more fuel efficient, last longer and even hold a high resale value.

Clean and Maintain

The exterior of the car must be taken care of by washing and waxing it. Don’t forget to keep the interior clean as well by vacuuming and clean smelling. The paintwork of your car must be in good condition. Never leave it unclean as it will leave permanent damages. If the car has been damaged immediately get it done by a panel beater Ashwood. All these maintenance will add to the car’s resale value and reduce depreciation.


Slow driving or drive gently all the time can be bad for the car. Fast driving can help remove carbon deposits in old engines and clean the DPFs in diesel engines.